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Breast feeding = Commitment. Whether at work or church, I’m committed to do what’s necessary to provide for my little one. Pictured in this photo, I am pumping on the job ;-). I am in the wedding industry (cinematography to be exact), and sometimes the timeline for weddings can be unpredictable. Thankfully, I was able to create a doable workspace in the bathroom and pump before the ceremony started. This was my first wedding couple since the birth of my daughter and while I didn’t know how it was going to work, I knew it was going to work. And it worked! No matter what, be persist and the answers will come.

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What would happen if numbers were removed from the tag in our clothes? What if “size 12” was replaced with “radiant” or “strong?” Well, that’s what the “More Than A Number” campaign by Special K is all about. It offers a different persepective about clothing, body image and the shopping experience. So what’s your size? I am size unstoppable! 

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A process to establish and/or maintain boundaries:

1. Inform others that the boundary exists and inform them when they have violated it.
2. Identify the properties of your boundaries (what are the definitions and parameters).
3. Create a consistent means of broadcasting the presence of the boundaries.
4. Instruct others as to how the boundary operates.
5. Remain aware of the process/action required to maintain the boundaries.
6. Inform others of the consequences of violating a boundary.
7. Warn others when they have or are about to violate the lines of a boundary.
8. Immediately activate the consequences when a boundary has been violated.
9. Be willing to forgive when a boundary is innocently or unknowingly violated.
10. Be willing to surrender the relationship for repeated violations of the boundaries.
11. Determine through practical experience whether or not the boundaries serve the intention for which they have been established.
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